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“Gasson creates a modern on-stage riot that is fast-paced and daring… It’s inspiring to see a piece that empowers young women and non-binary individuals to discuss their sexuality – it would be a breath of fresh air to see more of this work in the future.”

REIN is a new immersive 3 screen installation, fusing moving image, multi-sensory set design, dance & sex in an exploration of dyke kink cultures, emerging from the Scottish landscape. Supported by Take Me Somewhere Festival & Creative Scotland.


A 18 month position with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’s Innovation Studio. Two creative innovators will help drive experimentation, skills development and collaboration at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Artist, cultural producer and activist Lora Krasteva and multi-reality director Leonie Rae Gasson have been appointed Innovators in Residence at Scotland’s national conservatoire, where they’ll support students, staff and alumni in the two-year pilot project, Innovation Studio.


Produced moon is a Scotland based creative XR theatre lab. We push the boundaries of what theatre can do. Our work is for anyone who wants to explore at the edge of things

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A mixed reality experience in collaboration with Dave Lynch and Athomas Goldberg. A Scottish-Canadian co-production supported by StoryFutures Academy, Arts Council England, the Canada Media Fund, The Canadian Film Centre’s Media Lab (CFC Media Lab) and the Canada Council for the Arts.

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The Skinny on Love and Machinery

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