As a director of live performance I draw on queer theory to create bold, agile and political, conceptual work. I take an interdisciplinary approach to create contemporary experiences that immerse the audience in a new world. I often integrate technology into my work - from live feed cameras, to binaural soundscapes on headphones, to subpacks to projection mapping.

I also have an Assistant Directing practice where I develop my skills and support the vision of other directors. I have worked with directors including writer-director Jon Brittain on smash hit Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho. Upcoming AD work includes The Enemy, directed by Finn den Hertog and written by Kieran Hurley for the National Theatre of Scotland.


An audience of 500 blindfolded in a warehouse. Through headphones Theresa May whispers sweet nothings in their ear, a dominatrix examines the phrase 'Take Back Control'. The blindfolds come off to reveal a community cast of European Migrants led by the sensational musician Heir of the Cursed.

A funeral; Europe bites back.

A an audience in a large warehouse looks up to Heir of the Cursed musician Beldina draped in gold and holding her guitar. Nearby a small group of women in gold suits lean into a microphone.
A young person with bright blue hair and black lipsticks sits infront of another with silver glasses and aubern hair and red lips. They both have their eyes closed and are singing along to something.


A party on a stage. Under the guidance of some twentysomethings, some teenagers and a child explore what they think about relationships, sex & what it means to have a good time.

Participatory theatre with Stevie Nicks and sex toys.


A geodesic dome in the middle of Glasgow's most important civic square. During the day put on a subpac and physically feel the heartbeats of the most exciting athletes in Scotland. At night come for a party featuring live music, dance and gymnastics.

Feel the heart race.

Audience members are sitting down in a dim but colourful room. They are wearing headphones and subpacks.
Two people lie down on a bed of stones, they are holding hands.


A one-on-one performance that celebrates the profound emotional impact two women have had on a young woman's life.   A hidden world, an intimate and powerful piece between two strangers in a room.

Grief, love, touch, on a bed of stones.


CONCH is a coming together of strangers from across Glasgow to claim space, care for one another and make noise. It is an exploration of ritualistic practices and surprising incidents of togetherness.

Women, hair & fire.

A white sheet covers the floor, ontop a clear glass bowl is full of water. A hand reaches down and puts a flaming ball of hair into the water.
Two people look curiously at a book they have found.


Dr Marcus Hawke has been found dead.

Professional help urgently required. 

A total sell out Edinburgh Fringe show. An interactive Victorian murder mystery.



Edinburgh, 2017. The city has been brought to a sudden standstill by the outbreak of a deadly virus. Uncover the truth and rebuild civilisation. Come and play...

An immersive and interactive social experiment.

A view of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh in black and white. A red X covers the image and reveals germs covering the street.