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REIN is a new immersive installation from Director Leonie-Rae Gasson, fusing moving image, multi-sensory design and dance in an erotic exploration of dyke sexuality, emerging from the Scottish landscape.


Guided by an all queer team, and driven by a neurodivergent dramaturgy, the work permits audiences to join a journey through a landscape reclaimed by a cornucopia of subculture characters.


Daddy's waiting in the caves~ are you coming? 

R&D Autumn/Winter 2022


Through Autumn 2022 we will be R&Ding the project, developing supported & caring methodologies for creating erotic works as well as developing the modes of presentation for the work. 

Supported by Take Me Somewhere and Creative Scotland.

The Team

Leonie Rae Gasson ~ Director

Molly Mae Whawell ~ Creative Producer & Art Director

Aniela Piasecka ~ Choreographer

More to be announced soon!

Join the Team

We're currently looking for performers to join the team for the R&D. Check out the call out here :)

September Research Week

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