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REIN is a fantastical 45 minute, multi-screen, moving image installation that immerses audiences in a raucous communal exploration of dyke sexuality.  The work will be created and performed by a Company of Dykes -  a mix of dancers, sex workers, performers,  who play with dyke archetypes in a magical, erotic journey through a distinctly Scottish landscape.


Slipping between realities of imagination and otherworld, the real and the fantastical, the work takes us on a journey of discovery and belonging, and an exploration of the embodiment of different forms of dykehood. 


Come see the Daddies lurking in the woods; a muddy wrestling-cum-fucking bog; princesses playfully trying to drown each other on a loch; bare arsed lovers frolicking in long grass. Your climax: a secret cave sex party featuring a feast of fisting, squirting, wet work and mess, exploding onto the screens. The relentless pace of the work slows into a warm, spacious scene of aftercare, for the performers on screen, and the audience. 


Guided by a queer team, and driven by a neurodivergent dramaturgy, we are exploring new approaches to intimacy coordination and non-simulated sex in the devising process. Through a consent and access led approach we will co-create the work with the cast, drawing on the different skills and experiences of each cast member to realise this fantastical erotic world.

​REIN will premiere in Scotland in Autumn 2025. We are currently looking for co-commissioning and presentation partners.

R&D Jan 2023

Supported by Creative Scotland and Take Me Somewhere (Glasgow) we embarked on an R&D researching how to safely incorporate erotic and sexual acts into a devising process whilst exploring the cinematic world of the show. With a cast of 3 performers we devised and shot a short multi-screen sequence set in a cave where the characters could riotously hump, languidly lick, and shake their manes. A 9 minute experiment in teasing each other and the viewer. 


Built on a bedrock of care and accessibility we have been learning how to push the boundaries of what it means to create and show dyke sex on screen. 

Our Access & Care Team

Intimacy Coordinator: Jade Somerville

Head of Access & Care: Annie Crabtree

Somatic Care Practitioner: Clay Dresser

We worked with every member of the team and cast to create 'Access & Care Riders' from which we built the rehearsal methodology. We had workshops with brilliant consent educator Mia Schacter. We reworked what the role of an intimacy coordinator could be in a devising process where the aim is not to 'simulate' pre-choreographed sex but to create an environment where the performers feel supported to take risks, to embrace a sex positive approach, and explore their characters desires to create the artwork. We created processes to hold any missteps or challenges we encountered. We created sexual intimacy riders to help the performers identify the language they want to use to identify parts of their body, identify acts they feel 'hell yes!' about and those that are off limits, and how to explore the grey areas in between in way that feels expansive but supported. 

The Creative Team

Directed by Leonie Rae Gasson

Creative Producer & Art Director: Molly Mae Whawell

Choreographer: Aniela Piasecka

Test Shoot Director of Photography & Editor: Jen Martin

Director’s Assistant: Jen Hanlon

Stud played by Lux

Storm played by Kirstin

Roxy played by Evie

Together we explored the visual language of the work, developing the worlds of the Daddies, the Princesses, the Doppelbangers, the Bunnies and the ways they might play with each other and push the boundaries of gender and sexual presentations. We took the cast on a journey to create their own characters, drawing on animals and collaboratively creating a playful choreography that moves between grotesque, animalistic, sensual and naturalistic.

The Audience Experience

A big part of the politics of the work explores the audience-performer dynamic. This work cannot be passively consumed. We invite the audience to enter our world on our terms. Taking off their shoes the audience will enter an installation where they can feel earth under their feet, and large metal framed screens emerge from cool pools of water like boulders in a stream. The work lasts c. 45 minutes and the audience can move around, sit and get different perspectives by positioning themselves in different relationships to the 3 screens. We also want to take care of our audiences by considering a variety of access needs from the outset of the presentation design as well as what good 'aftercare' for our audience looks like. We are working with different specialists and consultants to help us incorporate creative captioning, different physical access needs, relaxed performances and audio description, as well as giving audiences time to leave our world slowly and at their own pace.

 Next Steps

We are currently looking for support to develop this work so please get in touch to discuss the project and view the WIP.

Video Work in Progress for Programmers and Commissioners: Please contact Leo on to view the 10 minute video screener via Zoom. Due to the sensitive nature of the work and to safeguard those involved the film cannot be shared or viewed outside of this context.

September 2022 Research Week

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