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We are looking for 3 dyke identifying performers for the R&D of film installation REIN. 

Deadline (extended) 11pm Friday 2nd December.

The project


REIN is a new immersive installation, fusing moving image, multi-sensory design and dance in an erotic exploration of dyke sexuality, emerging from the Scottish landscape.


Guided by an all queer team, and driven by a neurodivergent dramaturgy, the work permits audiences to join a journey through a landscape reclaimed by a cornucopia of subculture characters.


Daddy's waiting in the caves~ are you coming? 



In the summer of 2023, a company of dykes will devise the work incorporating choreographed movement and sex, sensual and erotic performance, with filming taking place in August. The film will be installed in an immersive set and presented at Tramway, Glasgow in October 2023. 

Download a PDF of this call out here.

BSL Version of this call out here.

Who are we looking for?


We are looking for dyke identifying performers ~ people who have a relationship to the word DYKE. We’re looking for daddies, brats, switchy princesses, bunnies, riggers, soft bois, service subs, trans dykes, poly dykes, stud dykes, baby dykes, bi dykes, asexual dykes, femme dykes, elder dykes, enby dykes, fag dykes, stone butch dykes and dykes of all combinations, shapes, sizes and in-betweens.


Performers must be over 18. 

Performers must be based in Glasgow or the surrounding areas (we are unable to pay for travel for those further afield). 


We are looking for a range of performers with different experiences and skills. 

If you have experience in any of these areas we’d love to chat. 


  • Experience performing sex and intimate acts, and sex work

  • Movement or dance experience

  • Physical theatre and contemporary performance experience

BSL Call Out

The R&D


Through Winter 2022 we will be R&Ding the project, developing supported & caring methodologies for creating erotic works as well as developing the creative narrative. 


We are working with Intimacy Coordinators as well as pastoral support roles to create a devising environment that feels full of care, support and gives room for experimentation and creativity. 


The R&D Shoot


The R&D will culminate in a test shoot in January 2023 where, with 3 performers, we will devise a short scene to be shot in a woodland near Glasgow. 


The focus of the R&D is experimenting together as a team, playing with creative ideas and finding comfortable and exciting ways of coming up with a scene together.


The test shoot scene will use touch, movement and tableaus. It will not involve any sex. It could involve nudity which would be discussed, rehearsed and agreed upon with performers before the shoot.


The cast will work with the intimacy coordinators, the safeguarding and care leads as well as the creative team to ensure the creative process allows them to feel confident in their boundaries and create a scene in which they feel empowered and comfortable. 


R&D Shoot Schedule for Performers

Unfortunately due to extremely busy schedules there is no flexibility in this plan so you must be available for all dates.


Wed 4th Jan (Full day) - Rehearsals

Thurs 5th Jan (Afternoon) - Rehearsals

Fri 6th Jan (Afternoon) - Rehearsals

Mon 9th Jan (Full day) - Shoot Day


The Team


Leonie Rae Gasson ~ Director

Molly Mae Whawell ~ Creative Producer & Art Director

Aniela Piasecka ~ Choreographer

Aline Belfort  ~ Director of Photography

Other team members to be announced shortly :)


Supported by Take Me Somewhere and Creative Scotland


About Leonie Rae Gasson


Leonie Rae Gasson is a queer, dyke, neurodivergent, Glasgow-based Director working across artforms including live performance, interactive installation, participation and virtual reality. This works draws on her lived experience of the joys and desires of queer sex and dyke kink, and a passion for bringing that into arts spaces to create something playful and sensual and bold! It comes from a desire to bring together exciting creative dykes and see what we can make. 


REIN follows on from several works exploring queerness and sex, from a theatre work co-created with teenagers about sex, to a pornographic autobiographical installation DYKE which Gasson performed in. 

Find out more about her work here:

Call for Expressions of Interest


We are seeking expressions of interest from dyke identifying performers who are interested in being a part of the R&D shoot. Deadline (extended) 11pm Friday 2nd December.


How to send an expression of interest


Send an expression of interest by emailing with the subject line ‘R&D Performer Expression of Interest’ with


  • A short line about why you are interested in being part of the work

  • Any photo of you

  • A CV or website link or short paragraph on relevant experience

  • Your age, location and whether you identify as a dyke


Apply in writing or by video, in English or BSL. 

What happens next?


We will arrange a short phone call with Director Leo to say hello and to talk through any questions you may have. We’ll ask why you’re interested in the project and see if you’ll be a good fit for the work.


It’s for you to get a sense of us and the project, and us to get to know you :)


Potential performers will be invited to a group workshop audition which they must be available to attend in Glasgow, on Wednesday 7th December 2 - 5pm


Following this we will invite 3 performers to be part of the R&D and test shoot.


The workshop audition: Wednesday 7th December 2 - 5pm


There will be a 2 hour group workshop (2 - 4pm) followed by a 15 minute individual chat (between 4 and 6pm).


The aim of the 2 hour group workshop is to allow us to get to know each other, for you to see if the project is something you want to be part of, and for us to work out how we might work together as a team.


The group workshop will involve:


  • A more detailed overview of the project, Leo’s practice & motivations for making the work and how performers will be involved

  • Simple devising exercises exploring touch & boundaries in small groups or solo

  • Simple movement exercises suitable for all abilities

  • You will be able to opt in or out of any exercise

  • There will be no nudity or sexual acts


The individual conversations will involve:

  • Talking with the director and choreographer 

  • You will be able to ask any questions you have about the project

  • We will ask you why you want to be involved in the project and ask you more about your previous performance experiences


You will need to wear something comfortable that you can move around in. 




Please let us know your access requirements so that we can make alterations and accommodations in advance. If you'd like any further detail on exercises please get in contact. The team comprises artists with disabilities and additional support needs so we understand that these things can be complex and requirements might change, please know that we are committed to making this audition and the subsequent filming process as supportive to all access needs as possible.


A BSL version of this call it is available here.



Monday 28 November 10am: Deadline for expressions of interest

Wed 7th December 2 - 6pm: Workshop audition

12th December: Cast confirmed


Wed 4th Jan (Full day) - Rehearsals

Thurs 5th Jan (Afternoon) - Rehearsals

Fri 6th Jan (Afternoon) - Rehearsals

Mon 9th Jan (Full day) - Shoot Day




The three selected performers will be paid at Scottish Artist Union rates of £264 per day.

Total fee per performer = £792



We can talk through the project in detail and answer questions during the initial phonecall but if you have any questions you’d like an answer on ahead of that get in touch with the director Leo (she/her) on and she can either answer your questions by email or jump on a call :) If there is anything you are unsure of, whether it's a small thing or millions of questions then please do get in touch so we can chat it through. 

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