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We are looking for 6 performers to join our Company of Dykes for moving-image installation REIN.


Slipping between realities of imagination and otherworld, the work takes us on a journey of discovery and belonging, and an exploration of the embodiment of different forms of dykehood. Blurring the real and fantastical we meet a host of dyke stereotypes who stretch the construction and truth of their identities.


The work will be a 45 minute, multi-screen, immersive, moving image installation created by a Company of Dykes and an all queer creative team. Performed by a mix of dancers, sex workers, performers - the work will play with dyke archetypes in a magical, erotic journey through a distinctly Scottish landscape. 


Come see the Daddies lurking in the woods; a muddy wrestling-cum-fucking bog; princesses playfully trying to drown each other on a loch; bare arsed lovers frolicking in long grass. Your climax: a secret cave sex party featuring a feast of fisting, squirting, wet work and mess, exploding onto the screens. The relentless pace of the work slows into a warm, spacious scene of aftercare, for the performers on screen, and the audience. 


Guided by a queer team, and driven by a neurodivergent dramaturgy, we are exploring new approaches to intimacy coordination and non-simulated sex in the devising process. Through a consent and access led approach we will co-create the work with the cast, drawing on the different skills and experiences of each cast member to realise this fantastical erotic world.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for dyke identifying performers ~ people who have a relationship to the word DYKE. We’re looking for trans dykes, poly dykes, stud dykes, baby dykes, bi dykes, asexual dykes, femme dykes, elder dykes, enby dykes, fag dykes, stone butch dykes, trans masc dykes, ex-dykes, daddies, brats, switchy princesses, bunnies, riggers, soft bois, service subs, and dykes of all combinations, shapes, sizes and in-betweens.

Performers must be over 18 but there is no age limit - we're really keen to work with a broad age range within the cast.

We are looking for a range of performers with different experiences and skills. 

If you have experience in either of these areas we’d love to chat. 

  • Experience of sex work, particularly in porn contexts

  • Movement, physical theatre or dance experience

D/deaf, disabled, chronically ill and neurodivergent performers are very welcome, many of the team identify this way. We aim to work with all cast and production team members as artists and experts of their own bodies and needs. See access FAQ below for info on how we can support you.

The Team

We are working with Intimacy Coordinators with experience across film and sex work, and a head of Access & Care who will look after everyone's access needs. Sessions with a somatic bodyworker or psychotherapist are also available for any member of the cast as part of the process. Every member of the team will do (paid) training with Boundaries + Consent Educator and Coach, Pro-Domme, Kink/BDSM educator, + Performance Artist V Vai. 

Our team includes:

Leonie Rae Gasson (she/her) ~ Director 

Aniela Piasecka (they/she) ~ Choreographer 

Molly M. Whawell (she/her) ~ Production Designer 

Aline Belfort  (any pronouns) ~ Director of Photography

Lydia Honeybone (GAMIS) (they/them) ~ Line Producer 

This R&D is supported by Creative Scotland, Take Me Somewhere Festival, the Work Room, Dance Base and the Place.

The Test Shoot

Last year we had a week in the studio with our existing cast Luxx (they/them), Evie (they/them) and Kirstin (they/them) playing with the ideas in REIN. This year we will bring on 6 more cast members and do a test shoot of 3 short scenes. We will have a week's rehearsal and then a 1 day shoot in a studio in Glasgow, and a 1 day outdoor shoot in the Highlands.

The three scene’s we’ll be creating are:  

1. The Princesses scene

2. The Daddies scene

3. The Cave scene

Casting Call

You can request to be in as many scenes as you like! We're keen for some characters to appear in multiple different scenes, switching roles throughout the show. But if you just fancy one, that's fine too! We are super keen to work with performers with a range of bodies, ages, dis/abilities, identities.

For this Test Shoot - only the 3 cave performers will be doing an explicit sex scene. The other 2 scenes will focus on devising tableau and short movement sequences. 

In the future - some roles will involve just snogging, others will involve vanilla sex and others more hardcore acts. As part of the application we will ask for a general sense of what you would be happy to do, and what is a no for you. If you are selected to be in the cast, our intimacy coordinators will support you to more clearly identify your detailed needs and boundaries with the sexual aspect of the work. This is a pro sex and pro sex work/er project so even if your character does not engage in sex, you will be around those that do and will need to be comfortable in that environment. 

For the test shoot we are playing around with different ideas, and coming up with the scenes collaboratively. This will help give us some experience working together and help us think about what the final production will look like. As part of this test shoot we will make a short, non-explicit trailer for the work but otherwise no footage will be made public.

1. The Princesses

- 4 performers

- Any gender, age, body type welcome

- Think high glam, bratty mermaids.

- There will be a small dance routine in this bit, it is simple adaptable choreography so if you don't have dance experience that's fine! You will have space to adapt the phrase/material to suit your own body/pace of learning.

- Scene stealing divas who want to be watched apply here!

2. The Daddies 

- 7 performers

- Any gender, age, body type welcome

- Think leather & tool belts

- Daddy vibes but open to all (subs/dommes/femmes/tops/bottoms etc.) We want 7 different ways to be a Daddy.

3. Daddy-O

-1 performer 

- Any gender 

- Age 50+

- Fat, powerful, masc

- A cornerstone of this fantasy community

- A strong stare would be excellent

- We’ll form this role around the skills/interests of the performer so no dancing necessary unless you’d like it to be

4. The Cave performers

- 3 performers 

- Any gender, age, body type welcome

- Explicit (non-simulated) sex scene.

- We will devise the content together with the performers and Intimacy Coordination team, but on the pre-audition phone call we will give you a sense of what we would be interested in trying.

- Porn or cam performance experience needed

- Movement/dance experience would be great but not necessary if you are open to trying! The movement aspect will all be devised together so can be any level. You will have space to adapt the phrase/material to suit your own body/pace of learning.


Apply any time until 5pm 19th March. 

Workshop Auditions: 24th March 3.30 - 6.30pm in central Glasgow and 2nd April 6-9pm in Glasgow southside (when you sign up tell us which date is best for you, you only need to come to one).

All cast must be available for all below dates. 

Workshops with Consent Educator (online) : 

Tuesday 30th April 6-8pm, Thursday 2nd May 6-8pm, Tuesday 7th May 6-9pm.


Rehearsals (Glasgow southside):

Monday 13th May 10am - 5.30pm

14th, 15th,16th, 17th, 20th May 1.30pm - 5.30pm (half days)



21st and 22nd May 10am - 6pm




The day rate for all performers (and all lead creatives) is £270 per day


How to apply


Apply any time until 5pm 19th March. 

Send an expression of interest by emailing with the subject line ‘Test Shoot Performer’ with


  • Your name, pronouns, age and location

  • A sentence or two about why you are interested in being part of the work

  • What character/s you are interested in playing

  • A website/ cv / video of previous performance / short paragraph on relevant experience

  • Any photo of you

  • Which date you would like to attend the workshop audition (or no preference)

  • Access Requirements. We have a pot of funding to support accessibility of the auditions - for example hiring a BSL interpreter, paying for your travel, or for childcare while you attend the audition. Please let us know in your application if you require support to audition.


Apply in writing or by video, in English or BSL. 


What happens next?


We will arrange a short (5-10 min) phone call with Director Leo (she/her). We’ll ask why you’re interested in the project and talk through any questions you may have.


The call is as much for you to get a sense of us and the project, as us getting a sense of you. 


Potential performers will then be invited to a workshop audition in Glasgow, on either 24th March 2-5pm or 2nd April 6-9pm.


After this we will invite 6 performers to be part of the project to join our existing 3 cast members :)  We will let everyone who auditioned know the outcome of the selection process by 12th April.



What’s the workshop audition?

We will invite people to audition by coming to a workshop so we can get to know you and see how we might work together. The workshop will consist of a 2 hour group audition and the last hour will be dedicated to 1-1 chats with the auditionees and the director and choreographer. There will be some waiting around during this last hour which also gives a chance for you to take a breather - feel free to bring a book or something for this time. There will be no cuts made over the course of the audition (everyone auditioning will have a 1 on 1 chat.)


The group workshop will involve:


  • A more detailed overview of the project, Leo’s practice & motivations for making the work and how performers will be involved

  • Simple creative exercises exploring touch & boundaries in small groups or solo

  • Simple movement exercises suitable for all abilities (open to all interpretations and movement styles)

  • You will be able to opt in or out of any exercise

  • There will be no nudity or sexual acts


The individual conversations will involve

  • Talking with the director and choreographer 

  • You will be able to ask any questions you have about the project

  • We will ask you why you want to be involved in the project and ask you more about your previous performance experiences


Who will be at the audition? 

Only people who have applied, had a conversation with the director and then been invited to the workshop audition will be there. 

The audition will be run by Leo (director) and Aniela (choreographer) and some of our producing team will be on hand to help us. 


Will there be breaks? 

Yes! We will break for 5 minutes every hour. Additionally you are welcome to pop out any time for a break. 


What should I wear?

You will need to wear something comfortable that you can move around in. Trackies, leggings, jumpers, loose dresses, shorts etc. 


Shall I bring food and drink? 

Please bring some water and any food you need (unless its nuts, please don’t bring nuts into the space.)


I have access requirements!

If you would like to book a call with Leo we can provide a BSL interpreter and talk through the opportunity in detail.

Both audition venues are wheelchair accessible. 

We have a pot of funding to support additional accessibility of the auditions - for example hiring a BSL interpreter for them, paying for your travel, or for childcare while you attend the audition. Please let us know in your application if you require support to audition.


If you have anything specific you would need in order to take part in this project please get in touch (feel free to send us your access rider if you have one) and we will let you know what we can do to support you. We understand that these things can be complex and requirements might change, please know that we are committed to making this audition and the subsequent filming process as supportive to all access needs as possible. 

What do we mean by ‘non-simulated’ sex? 

On traditional film sets, sex is usually ‘simulated’ - performers wear modesty garments, there are barriers between them, genuine arousal is discouraged/prevented, and there would not be any genital contact. This project is a sex positive exploration of dyke sexuality, and we are drawing on a long tradition of pornographic, erotic and radical queer performance work where the sex, in all its messiness and complexity, is allowed to be part of the process like other acts and feelings. So for this work, any sex that features will not be simulated but performed by cast members, with the support of the intimacy coordinators and access and care team. 


Where is the workshop audition?

If you’re invited to the audition we’ll let you know :)

I am not based in Glasgow can I still apply? 

We have a small budget to cover people’s travel from within Scotland (both for the audition and the project). However, the project is based in Glasgow so you would need to commute in each day to the rehearsals/shoot.


Any Other Questions! 

If you have any questions you’d like an answer on ahead of applying get in touch with the director Leo (she/her) on

The Team
Who Are We Looking For?
The Test Shoot
Casting Call
How to Apply
What Next?
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